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With the large amount of easily accessible information now available to real estate consumers often comes a false sense of security. When you can pull up dozens of properties with a single click, look at dozens of graphs of market trends, and even solicit information from residents of a particular area, you might think that it’s no longer necessary for you to have a Savannah GA Realtor help you with your home sale or purchase.

Once you actually do start the process of buying or selling a home, however, you will soon realize that nothing beats the professional knowledge and experience that a Savannah GA Realtor can provide. Information is useless, after all, unless you can interpret it correctly and within the right context. What’s more, you’re never really sure if the data you’re pulling from the web is accurate or up-to-date and when it comes to something as important as your home, you will want to be sure that all your sources are credible and updated. This surety, peace of mind, knowledge, and industrial know-how are what your Savannah GA Realtor will provide.

Trusted Savannah, GA Realtor

What are you looking for in a Savannah, GA Realtor? If you want to work with a consummate professional with an in-depth knowledge of the Savannah area’s various markets, over two decades’ worth of experience in sales, and a mindset for innovative, out-of-the-box solutions, then it’s time you gave Savannah Realtor Joanne Forkin a call.

An Accredited Buyer Representative (ABR), Joanne offers selling agents a 3% commission, compared to the usual 2.4% in the Savannah, GA area, thus providing them with further incentives to show a property and ensuring that her clients get the best possible deal. Joanne is also very creative with her local marketing, she hosts “meet and greet your neighbor” parties for buyers, for example, and event exposure parties for sellers and their properties.

Ready to embark on your Savannah real estate journey with Joanne? Whether you’re investing in Savannah, GA townhomes or selling real estate in Pooler, you can count on her to get the job done.

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