Savannah electrified its streetcar in 1888, extending two lines from the Victorian District south along Whitaker Street and creating the Thomas Square streetcar suburb. Designated a National Register Historic District in 1997, the Thomas Square area contains late 19thcentury residential, commercial, and community buildings. Found here are substantially sized Victorian and turn-of-the-century single family homes and multi-family properties, some with towering pillars with elaborate capitals, as well as Belgian brick structures and rows of workers cottages. Architectural styles include Queen Anne, Victorian, Italianate, Beaux Arts, Neoclassical Revival and Craftsman styles. The recent opening of SCAD’s Arnold Hall on Bull Street has spurred retail and restaurant development, and the Starland Dairy Art area’s contemporary repurposing of an historic dairy is alive with small businesses.

Thomas Square District is bounded by Anderson Lane on the north, East Broad Street, roughly Victory Drive on the south, and Montgomery Street on the west. The streetcar lines were removed in 1920 due to the increased use of the automobile.