The Madison Square Real Estate office in Downtown Savannah will exhibit some 15 sculptures by Stephen Angell, a Savannah native whose work has been exhibited in Italy, Morocco and the American Southeast, as well as being in private collections around the world. The sculptures — most in black and white Italian marble, some in exotic wood — are here for the INTANGIBLES exhibit, a special presentation that coincides with Madison Square Real Estate’s Grand Opening Debut in October.

The pieces in INTANGIBLES reveal powerful strength and emotion from within their smooth, even stoic, exteriors. In the words of one arts writer: “From the energy of the tsunami to the essence of the soul, Stephen Angell’s sculpture gives from and definition to the intangible forces in our world.”

No doubt, INTANGIBLES speaks clearly to the viewer. Drawn from a primitive (even primordial) place and time, the sculptor’s voice resonates from the silence of stone, telling a story of the human condition and referencing the history of energy from its beginnings. The pieces are both classic and raw, creating seductive lines and ideological connections that bridge the divide between who were are, how nature is — and what we think.

Madison Square Real Estate broker/president Joanne Forkin ardently supports local artists. A former gallery owner, she has made it part of Madison Square Real Estate’s mission to support Savannah artists. The pieces in INTANGIBLES are for sale, with all monies going directly to the artist.

Watch this blog for more art showings around Savannah at our Open Houses and Meet & Greet Parties, as well as Art Events at Madison Square Real Estate, 22 W. Harris St., Downtown Savannah. — Ann Boese