Books for Savannah Real Estate Lovers

There are three books that no Historic Savannah real estate owner worth his grits should be without. This triumvirate forms a sturdy framework for an understanding and appreciation of just how special historic Savannah and its homes really are.

Published by the non-profit Historic Savannah Foundation, the essential Historic Savannah – A Survey of Significant Buildings in the Historic District of Savannah, Georgia, is now in its third edition. This hefty tome contains a street-by-street survey of more than 1,250 structures and over 800 photographs of homes in the Savannah National Historic Landmark District and the Savannah Victorian National Register Historic District, as well as dates of construction and original owners, a historical survey, and maps and photographs of Savannah’s seven other National Register Districts. Every historic Savannah property owner loves to pull this baby off the shelf to show visiting friends and relatives “where we live,” or just to day dream about life in the past, and imagine their very own home and the people who lived there so many years ago.

Essential Book Number 2 is Susan Sully’s Savannah Style – Mystery and Manners, a Rizzoli publication, with stunning photos and detailed descriptions of 20 historic Savannah homes.  Really, who wouldn’t die to explore The Comer House, a grand four-story Italianate circa 1880 described as “blending the Italianate taste, with English decorative tile, dark-carved chimney pieces and overmantels, and heavy ceiling and corning moldings.”  Or what about a peek behind the Beaux-Arts exterior of The Thomas Levy House, extensively remodeled in 1897. It’s so Second Empire baroque – marble steps, mansard roof, elaborate garlanded frieze – and, of course, a gargoyle.

Well, you can’t go in either home (without a personal invite, that is), but you ogle their interiors via the generously sized photographs in this book. From silver tea services and enormous chandeliers, to Audubon prints, a mirror with a porcupine quill halo, vintage African fetishes and modernist furniture, the treasures within these Savannah homes – along with their fabulous exteriors and gardens — are presented through photographer Steven Brooke’s discerning eye. Drink it all in.

We said three books, didn’t we? Well, the third is about Savannah’s historic squares – and we’ll cover that in a future blog. Meanwhile, contact Madison Square Real Estate to find out what Historic Savannah properties might be right for you.  – AB